About Us

Nutraoptimal is a family-owned business created in Texas.  We were introduced to natural medicine from an early age by our families, who had passed down the information from generations ago.  My wife comes from a family of farmers.  She learned the benefits of natural ingredients and sustainability and developed a passion for them growing up on her mother’s farm.  I grew up a city boy.  It wasn’t until my sister contracted lung cancer, even though she exercised daily and never smoked that I started taking seriously how to live a truly healthy lifestyle.  

This event changed my life. It sparked an obsession of learning how to complement a healthy lifestyle with good supplements.  I understood that there are some things that are out of my control, but I also understood that I have a responsibility to achieve milestones regarding my health that are within my grasp.  It was for this reason that my wife and I created Nutraoptimal.

It was a way for us to continually share our wellbeing, while establishing ourselves at the same time.  It was the perfect combination for cultivating a business model that we utilize to this very day.  We carefully ensure that we create and distribute supplements that harmonize with the body and produce the results that we intended.  Unfortunately, my sister passed away due to that cancer, but I believe that her energy lives on in the work that we try our best to accomplish.  

The same values and ideas that we teach to our own children is the same way we approach this business.  We want this to be their heritage, so that they can make this something they can instill in their lives and anyone else who wants to do the same as our family.

Anyway, thanks for visiting the store and I hope you get as much benefit out of it as we did.