3 Benefits of Berberine in Male Health

What is Berberine?

Berberine is a kind of alkaloid that is extracted from several types of plants. In Ancient China, Berberine was used to treat many ailments.  It has some amazing health benefits. Herbal doctors suggest that this natural medicine heals different complexities of the human body.

Scientists are still doing studies with Berberine today. Some of the studies have already proved the benefits of Berberine in the human body.  One of the studies that attracted the eyes of prospective doctors and patients is how Nutraoptimal’s Berberine helps to increase levels of testosterone in men who suffer from deficiencies of it.

Berberine and Male Health Benefits

More than 3000 years ago, when the barberry plant and its relatives were farmed in China and South Asia, the first evidence of Berberine being used medicinally was discovered. The plant's stems, leaves, and bark were used in various ways.

According to evidence, berberine-containing plants were also utilized to treat many ailments throughout South America, the Middle East, and Europe. Berberine is now being researched as a therapy for diabetes, high cholesterol, and hormonal issues of men and women. 

Berberine is helpful in male reproductive health by increasing testosterone. Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for the fertility and reproduction of males. Berberine increases the level of testosterone and sperm count in the male body.

3 unique benefits of Berberine in testosterone or male health:

  1. Lowers the Cholesterol: High cholesterol level is harmful to both males and females.  High cholesterol leads to heart disease and in some cases, patients get severe diabetes and neurological problems.


    What we do not know is how high cholesterol makes a difference in the levels of testosterone. Plenty of evidence shows us that high cholesterol begins to lower the testosterone level.

    There are a lot of positive studies that proved the activities of Berberine in testosterone.  Berberine helps reduce the rate of LDL, the bad cholesterol, and increases the level of Lipoprotein, which is one kind of good cholesterol. Regular consumption of Berberine supplements with the prescribed medicines for high cholesterol makes a considerable difference in male health.

    Some researchers believe that the effects of Berberine might be similar to those of drugs that reduce high cholesterol, while avoiding side effects.

    Several studies show the link between high cholesterol and low testosterone. Doctors even suggest taking treatments sooner, whether to lower the cholesterol level or increase the testosterone level.  Berberine is a multi-beneficial medicine that can do both!

  2. Controls Blood Sugar: A link between low testosterone and high blood sugar is well established and scientifically proven. Researchers believe that men with high blood sugar and diabetes seem to have a lower level of testosterone that helps the body's tissues take up more blood sugar in response to insulin. Men with low testosterone suffer from insulin resistance.  They need to produce more insulin to keep blood sugar normal. When randomly tested, as many as half of the men with diabetes have low testosterone.

    Nutraoptimal’s Berberine helps to reduce sugar levels in the blood. Berberine has passed numerous trials to drastically lower blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes. In fact, its efficacy is comparable to that of the widely used diabetes medication, Metformin.

    Reducing blood sugar proves the activity of berberine in testosterone development. When the patient with both problems starts to take berberine supplements, it is established that blood sugar level starts to decrease while testosterone hormones begin to increase. 

  3. Prevents Obesity: In certain studies, it has been shown how obesity or extra fat can impact the sex drive of males. Sex hormones of males have a high dependency on the weight of an individual man. Many obese men have low testosterone and low sperm count. One out of every three infertile men are obese. 

    Berberine helps to prevent obesity and is advantageous to reduce fat. Several studies show that people who consume Berberine supplements to diminish fat get significant results compared to those who do not. Two studies show that taking a Berberine supplement for three months results in considerable weight loss.

    As obesity leads to low testosterone, Berberine assists the human body in dealing with both of them. The metabolism-boosting properties of Berberine decrease body fat and prevent obesity. Regular intake of supplements for three months will show change in body shape and testosterone. 

Berberine is capable of giving you a healthy body without any side effects. It has a positive impact on male health by improving fertility. In recent days, males' infertility has been increasing because of unhealthy lifestyles and irregular diet routines. Men can try Berberine supplements to enhance their sexual health. Significant results may arise because of Berberine in testosterone.

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