10 Foods to Boost Your Immune System

What is Immune System?

Have you ever thought about how your body protects you from several germs around you? As human beings, we all know about various microorganisms and non-visible microbes around us. These organisms can invade our bodies and initiate any disease. The human body is always open to attacking these germs, but our body always tries to make a shield against the germs. The protection shield of the human body is named as the immune system, which prevents the diseases from being disseminated. But this doesn't happen quickly. To increase or boost your immune system depends on how you lead your life.

The immune system is essential for healthy living. Without an immune system, our bodies would be vulnerable to bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other pathogens. Our immune system is responsible for keeping us healthy as we travel through a sea of pathogens. This vast network of cells and tissues is constantly on the lookout for intruders, and when one is detected, a complex attack is launched.

Why is it essential to boost your immune system?

During the Covid-19 period, many were introduced to the term immune system or immunity. Doctors are still emphasizing building a strong immune system. The protective immune system is required to lead a healthy life. Existing as a disease-free human being is tough, and that needs a lot of effort and many rules and regulations. Unhealthy food, uncontrolled diet, no physical exercise, oversleeping or less sleeping may lead a person to be an owner of a weak immune system.

A fragile immune system is a deadly issue to deal. For example, people with a strong immune system suffer less than those with a shaky immune system in Covid-19. So, this is important to make a solid shield to protect your body from disease-causing germs or pathogens.

Keeping your body safe and sound will be easier if you have strong immunity. In this article, we will elaborate about ten foods that are helpful to boost your immune system.

10 Foods to boost your immune system

Promoting the immune system should be an essential concern for every human being to have a less complicated health life. Foods are the primary source of an augmented immune system. Enhancing the immune system will be easy if you are sincere about your daily diet.

Here, we will suggest to you ten foods that are helpful to boost your immune system and are cheap and easy to buy. But you will always have to be careful about the amount your intake because overeating is harmful in every case.

  1. Garlic: Garlic is a well-known spice used in many cultures to enhance the taste of various foods. This is a must-have immune-boosting food that adds a little more charm to every cuisine. 

There are many ways to eat garlic, such as you can have it as a dresser in the salad or as a spice to cook food, and you can even make healthy tea with garlic. Garlic contains Sulphur compounds which allow it to contribute as an antiviral or antibacterial agent. Eating garlic can increase the number of T-cells in your bloodstream, which is essential because these viruses cause colds and flu.

  1. Turmeric: Turmeric contains a beneficial compound known as curcumin, which has been shown to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that support immune function in the body. It has a rich yellow color and is commonly used in various types of cooking, but it is also increasingly being used for medicinal purposes in North America.

Curcumin is a promising ingredient to boost your immune system as this is an antiviral object. Research shows that high concentrations of curcumin can help decrease exercise-induced muscle damage.

  1. Ginger: Ginger is an incredible food with anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger is a popular spice that can aid in the treatment of sore throats and reduce inflammation. Ginger has antiviral properties and can also help with digestion and gut health, thereby strengthening the immune system.
  2. Citrus Fruits: Citrus fruits, such as lemons, oranges, limes, grapefruit, and tangerines, are high in vitamin C, which aids in the production of white blood cells in the body. White blood cells are essential in the fight against diseases and infections. It also aids in the removal of free radicals from the body, preventing cell damage and, as a result, lowering your chances of developing cancer.
  3. Green Tea: Green tea is high in antioxidants and contains the amino acid theanine, which aids in the prevention of illnesses. Green tea has been a regular feature in various Asian cultures for centuries and is now widely consumed worldwide.
  4. Leafy Green Vegetables: Leafy vegetables are full of fibers and numerous antioxidants. They have a massive range of health benefits. They are the powerhouse of antiviral and antibacterial agents in the fresh state. Enriching the immune system and increasing strength will be more effortless if you include some leafy green vegetables in your daily diet.
  5. Blueberries: All berries are healthy, but blueberries go above and beyond with a flavonoid called anthocyanin. Its antioxidant properties can boost your immune system, and a 2016 study discovered that flavonoids play an essential role in your upper respiratory tract's immune defense system.
  6. Healthy Oil: Heart-healthy oils are essential for good health and can also help your immune system. Olive oil, coconut oil, and fatty fish like tuna fish and herring are the most beneficial oils. 
  7. Broccoli: Broccoli is a rich source of vitamin C as well. It also contains powerful antioxidants like sulforaphane. For these reasons, it is an excellent vegetable to eat regularly to support immune system health.
  8. Yogurt: Yogurt stimulates the immune system to fight many unknown diseases. Yogurt is live and cultured actively. Some Asian people believe that yogurt can save you from millions of new infections, and so when you visit or go to any new places, if you consider eating some yogurt from that place, you will not be affected by any local germs. Try to get plain yogurts rather than the flavors loaded with sugar.

Yogurt can also be a great source of vitamin D, so try to select brands fortified with this vitamin. Vitamin D helps regulate the immune system and is thought to boost our body's natural defenses against diseases.

Having a healthy diet regularly is necessary to protect against different diseases. But, that also requires healthy life without bad habits and daily exercise. However, certain people can't manage to have a boosted immunity even after maintaining every rule and regulation. They may consider taking immunity booster supplements to avoid extra health hassles.

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